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CR 30X Specs


Input Sensitivity

OP Amp - 0.3V - 8V

Direct, Bypass - 0.1 - 1.8V

Gain +15dB

Op Amp Option, Burr Brown or Audio Wave

Input Impeadance 33KΩ

Rated Continuous Output @14.4V @ 0.1% THD (Class A, A/B)

CR-30X.  8Ω - 50W X 1  Class A 50W

CR-30X   4Ω - 30W X 1  Class A/B 100W

CR-30X.  2Ω - 15W X 1  Class A/B 160W

Minimum Speaker Load 2Ω​

SNR A/W Full Power @ 14.4V

Op Amp > 105dB

Direct > 118dB

Bandwidth (Frequency Response) @ 2W

9.5Hz - 120KHz - (+-3dB)

20Hz - 20KHz - (+-0.3dB)

Optional DC Protection Below 11Hz

Phase Switch 180 DEG

Direct Input Op Amp Bypass Switch

Idle Current

CR-30X (+-10 Amps)

Standby Current

CR-30X (+-0.03 mA)

Approx Current Draw For Different Speaker Loads @ Full Power @ 14.4V

CR-30X   8Ω - +-10 Amps x 1

CR-30X   4Ω - +-14 Amps X 1

CR-30X.  2Ω - +-23 Amps X 1

Input DC Voltage 9 - 16 VDC

Ideal Working Voltage 12 - 14.4 VDC

Internal Fuse Rating

CR-30X 1 X 40 Amp

Thermal Cut Off +-80 DEG C

Soft Start And Anti Thump Turn On and Off

Regulated Op Amp Power Supply

Amplifier PCB Separated From PSU

CNC LED Display Module With 24 KT Gold Plated Front Plate (Power/Temp/Protection)

Nichicon Gold Tune Capacitors

CR-30X Secondary Capacitors 160000uF

Nichicon Gold Tune and Audio Wave Capacitors

Takman OFC 1% Non-Magnetic Metal Film Resistors

Alps Blue Gain Control

WBT RCA Connectors (PCB Mounted)

Audio Wave 24KT Gold Plated Power and Speaker Connectors (Removable)

Three ounce double layer Gold Plated PCB's

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Chassis Brushed And Anodised

Machined Copper Nickle Plated Heatsink Rods

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Lid With Acrylic Window

CNC LED Display Module With 24KT Gold Engraved Front Panel

Custom Built Flight Case


CR-30X Dimensions (W x H x L) 270mm x 72mm x 558mm


CR-30X Weighs 12.3KG

AUDIO WAVE LTD reserves the right to change or modify products without notice

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