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New Audio Wave Install

What a great day I have had, the privilege to meet with the owner of Yuro Auto and have a press event with Audio Plus, Yuro Auto and myself launching the the Super Hi end audio installation with the Audio Wave CR-401 and CR-201X amplifiers and the Accuton three way Black Diamond speakers and subwoofers, Goldhorn DSP processor and Harmonic Harmony cables.

I would like to thank the whole Audio Plus team for their professionalism, everyone has truly made me feel so welcome and appreciate all their hard work to make this incredible project happen.

A special mention to Yuro Auto for an incredible achievement in the installation, this is truly a work of art and I love the layout of all the equipment installed including the A pillars with the Tweeter and midrange speakers. This car has taken over two years to complete but the attention to detail is amazing. The sound is the closest thing to hi end home hi fi I have heard in any vehicle, and it’s just in its running in period so it will get even better which is hard to believe.

A true master piece!

If you are ever in Jakarta try and have a listen to this masterpiece.

- Grant (Facebook - 14/03/24)

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