About the ASPIRE PRO V2

I first designed and completed a prototype of the Aspire Pro V2 in 2015 and have been designing and improving it until I was satisfied with the overall performance which has taken hundreds of hours of R&D and a lot of finance to complete the final product.


The V2 is the first Audio Wave amplifier to work with wider power voltage inputs from modern hybrid and electric vehicles generate. This has been a concern for many installers with voltages exceeding 15V and dropping below 10V so the new range will be able to use 9V to 16V inputs.


Overall the Aspire Pro V2 has been a labour of love. Trying to improve good products is never an easy task and puts a lot of pressure on the designer to warrant the expense of a new product. I believe that all the hard work that I have put into the V2 has accomplished what I wanted to achieve and that was an amplifier that sounds close to my Aspire Pro CA without the heavy current draw.

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