About the ASPIRE PRO

After the success of the Aspire range of amplifiers we introduced the improved Aspire Pro stereo and Mono Block series in 2010, since then we have added several options of the Aspire Pro. Some of the options include colour variants in our PCB and chassis. Components are another option with our JDP (Japanese Domestic Product) version being the top model. The PCB's come in Black, White, Gold and not forgetting the Union Jack or the US boards, and of course all our PCB's are gold plated. Other colours are available on request that will make your amp stand out from the rest of the competition!

Two years ago we introduced the Aspire Pro CA version which has proved to be very successful in competitions. The Aspire Pro CA is a highly biased Class A/B amplifier and does draw around +-16 Amps on idle so it has three fans built into the back of the chassis to help it cool down, the chassis is the same dimensions as the Aspire Pro so swapping the two amps around is not an issue.

In the Aspire Pro range there are the Dual Stereo (DST) and Dual Mono Block (DMB) models as well and you can also order a mixed combination with a Aspire Pro and Aspire Pro Mono Block in one chassis and they can be fitted either on the left or right hand sides giving the installer maximum flexibility!

Like every amplifier by Audio Wave Ltd, the entire Aspire Pro range is hand crafted and tested in our factory in Southend On Sea, Essex, UK.

For more information, please contact us through our contact page!