About the EXCEL Series

Introducing the entry stereo amplifier from Audio Wave called the Excel.

The Excel has taken two years to complete from design to production. the goal was to create a smaller amplifier but with the same character as the Aspire and Aspire Pro.

This amplifier is built by hand one at a time in the UK and goes through the same process as all the other models , including the testing process.

With all Audio Wave amplifiers, sound and build quality is very important to us. It was a challenge to create such a small amplifier that could produce the power without compromising the sound.

The Excel has a different layout to the Aspire range with the PSU being in the middle of the two channels. The amplifier has only got separate gain controls and a pass through switch on each channel. With the pass through switch you can use the amplifier for bridging or daisy chaining several amplifiers together, this makes installation easier with less cables to run.

The Excel operates in class A/B and can deliver up to 300 Watts RMS into 4 Ohm @ 14.4V in a bridged configuration.

Overall this amplifier is small but can deliver some serious power and each channel is stable at 2 Ohm loads. With the pass through function you can also run a semi active/passive set up with individual gain levels per channel.

The Excel chassis is the same height as the Aspire range so installation combining the two will become a neater installation.


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