About the CR Series

Our CR range of amplifiers are all hand crafted and are built to order only, due to the amount of time they take to manufacture only a limited amount can be built each year.

There are three models and are all Mono Block designs: CR-200, CR-200X and the CR-400 Dual Mono. The CR-400 has two CR-200 Mono Blocks in one chassis.

Our unique heat sinks are built from high quality copper rods (CR) that disperses heat much more efficiently than aluminium and keeps the amplifier cool even in the hotter climates.

Another unique feature is that all our gold plated connectors are removable from the PCB to allow easier installation of cables.

All our PCB's are top quality and made in the UK to the highest standards. The PCB's are all gold plated completely and then a black solder resist is applied.

The latest versions of the CR amplifiers are all fitted with Nichicon Gold Tune caps and Takman 1% OFC resistors that produce low distortion.

The power supply and amplifier PCB's are operated to improve distortion and the CR-200X has an extra capacitor bank PCB that is placed in between the power supply and amplifier. This improves controlling mid bass and subwoofer frequencies with less distortion and improves the dynamics of the low end.

All the CR amplifiers are supplied with a LED display and flight case. Each amp goes through many tests before a serial number is assigned and packed.

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