audio-wave3Audio Wave products are designed and hand-crafted in the UK. The company is dedicated to making high quality amplifiers and bespoke distribution blocks.
Audio Wave has five amplifier models in production at present and some more models being developed for the future.

All our products have one thing in common, they are all made and assembled by hand!

To give you an insight of how it all starts lets go right to the beginning, the process starts with the circuit diagrams that are converted into a PCB layout, once the prototype PCB has been tested and approved the PCB’s are made for production.

Every circuit board is hand assembled and soldered using hi-grade silver solder ensuring better sound quality without overheating components that automated flow solder machines do. All the speaker and power connecters are machined in house and finished to a very high standard. All our transformers, chokes and coils are also hand-crafted by us ensuring that every amplifier works to its full potential with fantastic sound quality and reliability.

All the capacitors are hand matched in the preamp stage ensuring that the mono block and stereo amps are as close as possible to our strict final tests. The amplifiers go through a burn in test for 12 hours before the final tests are completed ensuring that the amp is stable under various speaker loads.

Every amplifier that is made varies in production time, take our entry level amplifier called Aspire, this amplifier takes five days to complete from start to finish. The Aspire Pro takes seven working days and the CR amplifiers can vary from two to seven weeks each. Other companies can churn out hundreds of units each week compared to our one amp, but then try and compare the build and sound quality, that’s a different story.

Audio Wave is committed to build some of the finest vehicle Hi-Fi amplifiers available and will continue to develop new products for the future.