Input impedance 33K

Input sensitivity 0.3V – 8V

Minimum power output @ 14.4V @ 0.1% distortion
8 Ohm – 100 Watts
4 Ohm – 200 Watts
2 Ohm – 300 Watts
8 Ohm Bridged – 600 Watts (Model CR-400) 750 Watts @ 0.3% THD
4 Ohm Bridged – 1000 Watts (Model CR-400) 1400 Watts @ 0.3% THD

(The CR amps can also be parallel bridged to drive 2 Ohm loads 1.011Kw @ 0.125% THD SNR108.5dB 65.9Amps @ 14.4V)
*** The amplifiers must be pre ordered for the parallel bridge option.

SNR A/W >105dB

Bandwidth 9.5Hz – 118KHz -1db

(Optional) DC protected at frequencies below 11Hz

Frequency response @1 Watt into 4Ohm @ 20Hz – 20KHz +- 0.5dB

CR-200 Secondary capacitors 18800uF
CR-200 X Secondary capacitors 75200uF
CR-400 Secondary capacitors 18800uF (Per channel)

Soft start and anti thump turn on and off

Butterworth 18dB Low pass filter

Low pass modules ranging from 60 Hz-120Hz provided with each amplifier
1) 60Hz
2) 70Hz
3) 82Hz
4) 90Hz
5) 100Hz
6) 120Hz
(Custom low pass modules are made to order)

Low pass on/off filter toggle switch

180 Deg phase on/off toggle switch

Minimum speaker impedance 2 Ohm
Minimum speaker impedance in bridge mode 4 Ohm (2 Ohm ***)

Separate regulated power supply for the preamp

Optional Locked DC protection with manual reset *

Thermal protection with auto reset

Thermal fan variable speed 12 Volt output

External led status display box

Burr Brown Op amps

High quality alps gain control

Motorola designed output devices

1% Metal film resistors

Nichicon Gold Tune and Muse and Rubicon power caps

Three ounce double layer gold plated PCB

Solid brass gold plated removable power and speaker connectors

Fuse rating 40Amps (CR-400 2 x 40Amp fuses)

Current measured at full power at a distortion level of 0.1% THD

Current consumption @ 8 OHMS 20AMPS

Bridged (CR-400) @ 4 OHMS 90AMPS

CR-200, 200X Idle current (when cold) +- 2.5 Amps
CR-400 Total idle current (when cold) +- 5 Amps

Standby current – 0.06mA (CR-400) 0.03mA -CR-200/CR-200X

Input voltage DC 11v – 15v

CR-200 Dimensions (W x H x L) 270mm x 72mm x 438mm
CR-200 Weight 10Kg

CR-200X Dimensions (W x H x L) 270mm x 72mm x 558mm
CR-200X Weight 12.3Kg

CR-400 Dimensions (W x H x L) 270mm x 72mm x 878mm
CR-400 Weight 18.3Kg

Custom flight case is supplied with each amplifier

Audio Wave Ltd reserve the right to change specifications without notice.