aspire-pro-monoblock2Aspire Pro MB was the last amplifier to be designed in the range and was intended to bridge the gap between the Aspire and CR amplifiers in sound quality at a more affordable price.

With six output devices the amplifier is stable at 2-16 Ohms and with a pair bridged more than 1.4kw can be achieved into 4 Ohms with very low distortion. This amplifier does not require a bridging module as it has a built in phase switch.

The sound of this amplifier is similar to the Aspire Pro but with a lot more weight and even more focus and height to the soundstage. Driven at high volume the amp handles the most complex music with ease.

The amp shares the same chassis as the Aspire and Aspire Pro so mixing the range keeps the install nice and neat. The lids can be ordered in black powder coated alumunium or steel and acrylic.