aspiredualmblockThis is the last Amplifier designed in the Aspire Pro series being a true dual mono amplifier by using two Aspire MB in one chassis, this means independent power supplies providing loads of power and running in class A/B but biased more into class A than the Aspire amplifiers.

This amplifier shares the same chassis as the Aspire DST and Aspire Pro DST with the internal middle steel wall for better isolation against crosstalk and noise.

With the internal phase switches the amps don’t need a bridging module although it still has the output connections if required. Each channel can drive
2-8 Ohms with ease and an output of 400W RMS into 2 Ohm per channel and over 1400W RMS into 4 Ohms bridged at 0.1%THD.

aspire-pro-dual-monoPlease look at the specification charts for more details on this amplifier.