aspireprodst2Aspire Pro DST has two Aspire Pro amps in one chassis giving you a four channel amplifier. The amp shares the same chassis as the Aspire DST with a central steel wall down the middle to reduce noise and crosstalk and has a smaller foot print than putting two Aspire Pro amplifiers together.

The amplifier can be bridged into a two or three combination with the optional bridging module that plugs right into the amp.
You cannot parallel bridge this amplifier like the Aspire DST can.

The sound is the same as the Aspire Pro as they share the same amps and not forgetting that there are separate power supplies for each stereo pair.

As with all our amplifiers the amps are thermal protected with thermal tracking and can be monitored with the optional LED display.

There is an option of a solid aliminium lid with a badge or a steel and acrylic lid.

For more information please look at the Aspire Pro and specification pages.