The bridging module was designed to make bridging one or two amps easier without the need of splitting the input signal with Y splitters from the source and to make complex bridging combinations possible by using one bridging module.

The module uses the amplifiers precision split power supply to power the module. With one power lead that is supplied it’s very easy to connect to the amplifier.

This module has two inputs that are summed together and splits the signal into four outputs, two in phase and two out of phase, this has made the unit more flexible for parallel bridging and parallel bridge bridging (bridging two Aspire amplifiers four channels into one channel to drive +-1.4kw. You can use this module throughout the entire Aspire range although the Aspire Pro M/B has its own internal phase switch.


All the components and PCB are the same grade as the Aspire Pro range with 3 ounce Gold plated PCB, Burr Brown op-amps and Blue Alps pot.

The modules gain control adjusts all the outputs to the same level to ensure better results, with a SNR 110dB it does not degrade the quality.