The Aspire DST(dual stereo) is the same as two Aspire amps in one chassis giving you a total of four channels and is basically two stereo amps separated by a metal wall down the center to help with noise and crosstalk. Every completed amplifier is matched as closely as possible to improve sound quality and balance.

This is the only amplifier in the entire range that can be configured from four channels down to a one channel for subwoofers, an additional bridging module is required to perform this. This works by parallel bridging two channels together on each amplifier then bridging both amplifiers together again, sounds confusing but with the Bridging module it’s easy and only one Bridging module is required to do this.

The foot print of the Aspire DST is slightly smaller than two Aspire amps sitting side by side so if space is an issue this amplifier is another option.

For more information please look at the Aspire and specification pages.