aspireunionjackThis is the first stereo amplifier designed and manufactured by Audio Wave Ltd. The Aspire was designed to focus on a more affordable, smaller footprint than the top of the range CR-400. As with all Audio Wave products each one is hand-crafted to a high standard and made in England. Every amplifier comes with a hand written test certificate and goes through stringent tests before they are packed.

The amplifier is a class A/B design using rugged Motorola output devices and a Mosfet PSU and has a separate regulated PSU powering the Burr Brown preamp and optional Audio Wave Bridging module. This is one of the very few amplifiers in the world that you can parallel bridge out of the box offering higher current to drive lower impedance loads with very little distortion with a SNR not less than 110dB.



The sound is very impressive and delivers a truly natural performance and is fully flexible in a passive or active installation. The amplifier has Gold RCA inputs and a high quality Alps gain control and all the power and speaker connectors are made in house and are 24kt Gold plated.

This amplifier consists of a very neat laid out PCB design providing a more reliable amplifier and natural sound. The Aspire has no EQ or filters in the signal path only a gain control providing an improved signal without degradation to the original signal.


The chassis base is made from 2mm steel and is powder coated in a black texture finish, six mounting holes are located in the base and are accessible through cut out holes under the lid. The lid is made from 3mm aluminium and is fixed down with four stainless cap screws.

Each badge is made from stainless steel and is hand finished. The text is made by a laser process.
The cables can be installed at 90 degree angles or straight into the amplifier as part of the chassis and lid has a cut away providing a flexible install.